Summer Energy Savings Calculations from Freezing Water At Night:

Freezing water at night can also be done during spring and autumn. In the drawing below, a heat conductive water/ice reservoir is placed between the refrigerator and freezer, above the refrigerator compartment. The heat-conducting bottom of the reservoir extends into the roof of the refrigerator compartment. A timer activates the evaporator to freeze water after sunset (for example, at 9 PM) and before sunrise (for example, at 5 AM). A thermostat turns off the evaporator once the temperature in the water/ice reservoir falls below the freezing point indicating that all the water has frozen.
The water/ice 
reservoir has multiple vertical (water permeable) heat conducting rods (similar to soda cans) such that air can easily pass between the rods.  In the sketch, only one row of rods is shown, but the reservoir can have multiple rows of rods.  During summer, the water is frozen at night when outdoor is relatively cooler.  During hot summer day the ice is allowed to melt to help keep the refrigerator & freezer cold. During hot day time, when/if user turns on the cooler-air conditioner, gates B & A open and the tilted air fan is turned On automatically. The fan sucks hot outdoor air (through Gate B) into the reservoir. The hot air entering the reservoir is cooled by the heat conducting rods and moist cool air exits the reservoir (through gate A) into indoor space.
refrigerator cooler a/c freezes water at night

When A/C is ON and is used to cool the kitchen
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